About us

History of Ibrox Park Nursery.
In 1988 Lynne and Brent purchased a lot of plants to landscape their garden on the Gold Coast. Because they lived on acreage and had plenty of water, they decided to buy several thousand Golden Canes to grow on as an investment. The Harris’s sought advice from friends who owned nurseries. When 34 acres came up for sale in Burbank, they thought it a good opportunity to expand their small operation. 
We have no horticultural training, but we have always had a keen interest in plants and landscaping and enjoy a large garden.
Since 1970 we have operated a large Concrete Contracting Business on the Gold Coast. We have since handed it over to our eldest son and his family. The concreting has had an enormous financial impute to the success and expansions at the Nursery.
We are very happy with our existing staff and we are confident that you will find them all very friendly and helpful.
We have an excellent support group at Ibrox Park Nursery, which consists of our General Manager, who is also our daughter Katie. While she has worked on and off at the nursery since 1988, she has been working full time since December 1998. Katie lives on the premises and most of her time is spent in the office. However she is always there if you have any questions that need answering. Working with Katie in the office is Littessa, who has been with us since February 2012. Littessa has an extensive knowledge that both our customers and us rely heavily on.  We also have an excellent Production Manager, Angela, who has been with us since May 2010. Angela spends a lot of her time training new and existing staff members. She works extremely hard to constantly improve practices and quality.  We are very privileged to have her in our team. 
Our name Ibrox Park Nursery comes from Scotland, where Brent’s great grandparents owned a farm called Ibrox Farm. When the Glascow Ranger Soccer Team in Scotland bought the land from them and built their stadium they liked the name and decided to continue it on and called the stadium “Ibrox Park Stadium – Home of the Glascow Rangers”

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